Where to Hang a Hammock in the Twin Cities

You really can’t go wrong with so many parks and lakes to choose from, but here’s a definitive guide to some of the best places to hang a hammock in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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Mississippi Gorge Regional Park – Park on the street and take the stairs down to the riverfront. There are trees and you can even build a fire and hang out into the evening.

Minnehaha Regional Park – Stop to admire the gushing waterfall before hiking down and along the creek. At the end, you’ll come to the Mississippi River with a sandy beach and ample trees.

Gold Medal Park – Right in the heart of downtown with great river views (it’s elevated so you can see more), this expansive grassy area has lots of trees and good people watching with walking/running and bike paths.

Mill Ruins Park – Nearby and at the south entrance to the Stone Arch Walking Bridge is a cool area worth exploring. Walk across the bridge to hang at…

Father Hennepin Bluff Park – On the north side of the Stone Arch Bridge, there’s a very cute cobblestone street (aptly named Main Street) and plenty of cafes to grab a bite or drink.

Boom Island Park – Also on the north side of the river is a lovely park with awesome views of downtown.

Stillwater on the St. Croix – Hands down the most charming town in Minnesota.

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Lake of the Isles – Of the whole chain of lakes, this one is my favorite. It’s peaceful and a nice 2.5-mile walk around. There are lots of great trees right on the water for a low key resting place, or bring your hammock along and rent a kayak to get out on the water to explore all the surrounding lakes.

Cedar Lake – Connecting to the west is the more popular/crowded Cedar Lake with several beachy areas like Cedar Lake Point Beach (family friendly) and Hidden Beach (stoner friendly). Both are very hammock friendly.

Lake Harriett – Several parks, two beaches, water rentals—oh my!

Lake Nokomis – Sorry for stating the obvious, but this one is just very obvious.

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Theodore Wirth Regional Park – Lots of trails here and endless trees to post up in.

Islands of Pease/Chase Island Park – This park is made up of three islands, two of which are accessible only by water. Chase Island Park has a walking bridge and is a very cool spot without crowds.

Fort Snelling State Park – We hung a hammock here while snowshoeing, but I’m eager to get back out in the summer and really enjoy this park. Sure, you can see (and hear) the freeway from the trails, but it’s close and convenient, so I’ll take it.

Battle Creek Regional Park – Lots of nice hiking (cross-country skiing) trails that make for some lovely walks surrounded by beautiful trees. In many spots you don’t hear the road or see a house, so bonus!

Sunfish Lake Park – Some of the best hiking in town.

Lebanon Hills Regional Park – Another go-to hiking spot with so miles of trails and multiple lakes.

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