Where to Hang: LA Edition

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Not sure where to hang a hammock in LA? Luck for you, Los Angeles is full of epic places to post up in a hammock. Beaches, parks, hiking trails, camp grounds, and so many more picturesque points.

In no particular order, here are some of the best spots—some secrets, some not so much—around LA to post up with your hammock.

El Matador State Beach

Up the PCH in Malibu is this somewhat hidden gem called El Matador State Beach. This small chunk of coastline has big rock formations coming out of the sand and water. We say “somewhat hidden” because it’s increasingly more and more popular. It’s not uncommon to see a photoshoot of some kind taking place. Either way, it’s still lovely, and luckily there are a few spots you can cleverly hang a hammock for a great photo op yourself.

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El Matador State Beach

Henninger Flats

A great day hike or overnight trip, the Henninger Flats campground is a nice little workout (about 2.5 miles in and 1,400 feet up) with several spots to camp out and tons of awesome trees for hammocking. It’s high above the city with views all the way to Catalina on a clear day.

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Henninger Flats overlooking LA

Venice Beach

Near the skate park and right off the boardwalk is a tight little enclave of palm trees with stellar people watching and the sun setting right behind the mountains. It’s pretty close to perfection, to be honest.

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Venice Beach at sunset

Solstice Canyon

Malibu has more than beaches. The Santa Monica and Malibu Mountains are full of hiking trails—some very popular and others less so. Solstice can be crowded so definitely get there early. It’s a pretty easy hike to the ruins of a home destroyed by fires and a creek (with a decent waterfall) that you can string your hammock across. You’ll feel worlds away from LA.

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Solstice Canyon

Angeles National Forest

The 2 freeway snakes up the mountains and winds around the canyons, up into the national forest, which also overlooks LA in several spots. It’s a motorcyclist’s dream with miles of long, lonely, meandering roads. There are plenty of spots to pull over, take a walk, or just hang a hammock and relax in the peace and quiet.

Somewhere in the Angeles National Forest

Griffith Park

There are miles upon miles of hiking trails throughout the park overlooking Los Angeles and some even have great views of the nearby Hollywood Sign. Head on up for a hike and post up whether there’s a view or not because no matter where you are, it’s definitely a quiet reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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