"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."
John Muir
Father of the National Parks

Navigating the complicated and sometimes intimidating outdoors industry can be confusing and overwhelming. 

If you’re curious about where to start with must-have hiking gear or what constitutes crucial camping equipment, I’m here to help. Or maybe you’re a seasoned adventurer looking for the latest gear releases and today’s best deals.

HammockLiving is a website with one mission: to inspire people to get outside. It is my goal to provide quality, unbiased content that is relevant and relatable to my readers—you—whether you’re also obsessed with the outdoors or even just a little bit curious.

HammockLiving covers a range of topics within the outdoors industry, telling the stories of the people and companies shaping it through honest gear reviews and inspiring interviews. I share timely industry news, as well as in-depth personal trip reports from my adventures all over the world.

I also partner with the industry’s leading brands to offer exclusive discounts (subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated) and host regular giveaways, helping you get outfitted for your next big adventure.

Hi there, I'm Meredith

Mere Hammock

Brands I've partnered with

As part of my mission to inspire people to get outside, I am proud to partner with some of the outdoor industry’s leading companies. It is worth mentioning that I only work with brands I truly believe in. I stand by the products I use and promote, and I work hard to be a trusted resource. Many of the products I’ve reviewed were purchased on my own, though some have been gifted to me, which in no way sways my opinion or coverage. If I come across a product that I don’t love, I simply won’t write about it.

About me

I began documenting my hammock adventures in May 2014 after a backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon’s edge of Havasupai, AZ. 

Since then, I’ve hammocked in 16 national parks across the USofA, as well as countless state parks and abroad in the UK, Netherlands, Tahiti, Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, and Colombia—and counting.

Ever the nomad, I uprooted my life in 2018 after a decade in sunny Los Angeles to try out temperamental Minneapolis, where I made a two-year pit stop before claiming Denver as my new home base.

The HammockLiving community, which started on Instagram, inspired me to start this website as a place to dive deeper into the road trips and hiking adventures, while also reporting on what’s happening in the outdoor industry and giving insight into the best gear.


How’d you get into hammocking?

I was gifted an ENO hammock for my birthday in 2012 (ish?). One of the best gifts I’ve ever received, that hammock started coming on every hike and every vacation, and I always carve out time to hang. I’ve dragged friends and family to some pretty precarious places trying to get great hammock shots, and god bless ’em, they’ve always obliged.

How many hammocks do you own?

Currently about 25 in all shapes and sizes. Everything from camping hammocks to big backyard hammocks to a swinging hammock chair in the living room.

What’s your favorite hammock?

That’s like asking which cat is my favorite. While I certainly can’t choose just one, I do have a handful of go-to hammocks depending on what I’m doing. Some are better for camping or backpacking (lightweight). Some are better for solo hammocking while others fit two people more comfortably. Some are easier and faster to put up… And aside from the functionality, style is also important. Love a funky hammock print.

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