9 Best Hanging Hammock Chairs for Indoors and Out

Hanging hammock chairs can really transform a space and are ideal for smaller areas – whether that means the corner of a living room or bedroom, out on the deck or patio, or by the pool or in the backyard. You can hang them from a sturdy stud in the ceiling, a tree outside, or using an upright hammock stand, which costs just about $100 and while it doesn’t look quite as elegant, it does make the chair portable.

They’re super comfy and a perfect place to read a book or take a nap. I have one in my house and whenever people come over, they gravitate toward the chair, ask if it’s safe to sit (duh), and then never seem to want to get up. 

There are quite a few options when it comes to hanging hammocks/chairs, so I’ve rounded up the best of the best. Some are simple mesh designs and others have bold colors, cushy pillows, or even pockets. To see even more options than the below suggestions, check out my Amazon storefront

The best hanging hammock chairs

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Vivere Brazilian Hammock Chair

I have this brand in a regular hammock, along with its accompanying stand, so I can attest to the quality of its sister hammock chair. The 100% cotton material is top notch and durable. It can withstand the elements for backyard hanging and is also a lovely furniture statement piece if you want to hang it indoors.

This model, with the spreader bar, doesn’t take up much space and keeps the hammock chair from collapsing down on you as you sway. It’s a nice upright positoin that’s easy to get in and out of, and helps if you want to read or watch TV, or just be part of the conversation with friends around.

It comes in several patterns and colors and can hold 250 lbs. It does come with the spreader bar but not the hardware to hang it, which costs $10.

“Awesome chair! It is SO comfortable and matches our living room perfectly. Guests fight for this seat when they come over. Wish we had room for more.” – Amazon reviewer

Byer of Maine Brazil Hammock Chair

Byer of Maine is known for well-made, high-quality outdoor hammock products, and this chair is no different. They’ve been in business since 1880, so you know it’s the real deal. This hanging hammock hair is handmade in Brazil with a cotton/polyester mix material that is derived from recycled material and handwoven using traditional methods. It is easy to clean (hand wash only) and comes in six color patterns. Byer of Maine also makes beautiful hammocks and chair stands if you don’t want to hang this from the ceiling or a tree and prefer a more artful setup that’s also portable.

This one holds up to 240 lbs and comes with the swivel hook to hang it (but you’d need to buy rope and an S hook/anchor).

“We have 2 hanging in our basement den. These are so bright, fun, and comfortable. One we have had for 10 years and it’s still just like new. What a great product.” – Amazon reviewer

Handwoven Hanging Chair by Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Yellow Leaf Hammock’s goal is to add that “vacation feeling” to an ordinary day. Mission accomplished. And there’s a reason they were successful on (and after) their appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank.

This stylish hanging chair comes in several colors and can hold up to 330 lbs, weighing itself just 1.3 lbs. You can use it as a chair or kick back to make it into a full-length hammock. It can stretch up to 6 feet. But don’t worry, there’s a proper anti-flip design so you can relax in peace, knowing you won’t fall out.

The hammock’s free-flowing weaves mold perfectly to your body for the most comfortable, weightless hang session. Its loose-knit design stays breezy, keeping you cool even on hot days. It is woven by hand. And while we love the look of these hanging chairs indoors, this is weathersafe and made of colorfast yard, so it’ll be protected if you decide to hang it outdoors.

Unlike the other models, this one has two attachment points by which to hang it, so you won’t be swinging around in circles.

“I am very impressed with the quality and comfort. It’s like having a vacation in my backyard. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be enjoying this for years to come. Was a bit pricey, but looking at the workmanship I can see why. I feel that it was definitely worth my money.” – Amazon reviewer

La Siesta Hanging Chair

This is the hanging hammock chair I have in the house, and it’s easily the most comfy spot to lounge in my living room. Even the cats hang out in it. It doesn’t take up much space (give yourself about 5-foot diameter to be safe and not hit the walls).

This model comes in various color patterns and even sizes, and you can opt to buy the hanging hardware (either a suspension setup or tree stay). It holds up to 355 lbs.

Check out the brand’s various types of heavy duty cloth hammocks, travel hammocks, kids hammocks, and hammocks with stands.

“We hung from ceiling in kid’s bedroom. It is large and sturdy enough to hold 350 lbs. Parent and child can read together or just cuddle. Bar supporting hammock is stronger than most. It comes with a swivel included. Built to last.” – Amazon reviewer

Chihee Rope Hammock Chair

This is a simple and straightforward hammock chair made of mesh that’s both comfy and breathable. While I love the boho look of this hammock, watch out for waffle print on your ass with this guy.

What sets this one apart is that it’s extra long and stretches out to almost 8 feet. The extra fabric is a built-in foot rest so you can recline fully.

It comes in a few different colors to match your home or backyard style. It’s also one of the more affordable options at under $40. It does include the spreader bar but not the hanging hardware, which you can pick up separately for $10.

“Fits me and the dog comfortably. He’s around 45lbs and two feet long. He refuses to get out unless food is offered. I fear he will steal it from me. It is also very comfortable. I’ve slept in it instead of my bed for two nights in a row so far.” – Amazon reviewer

Chihee Cloth Hammock Swing Chair

This is made by same company as the one above but with a slightly different look given its cotton blend chair cloth. It also doesn’t come with the extended fabric that acts as a foot rest, but it in nice and spacious and you can easily get your feet up inside.

It holds up to 330 lbs with 26 cords on each side to distribute the weight and keep balanced with an upright position.

“Loved the ease of assembly and hanging. Chair is well made, solidly stitched, quality fabric and rope. Bought for inside the house but will likely pick up another because it’s such a good deal!” – Amazon reviewer

Y-STOP Hammock Chair

Getting away from the traditional hammock styles for a moment, let’s talk about hanging chairs. The sway is so similar, and a lot of these types of products are advertised in the hammock family, so we think it’s fair game to include a few stand-outs here. Like this awesome chair, which sits a bit more upright and has a more sturdy, chair-like design.

This hammock chair holds up to 330 lbs and boasts cushions for added comfort. It also has pockets on the inside to hold your phone, books, drinks, etc. – a nice touch none of the others offer.

“I am around 260-270 pounds but I’ve always wanted a hanging chair. I bought two of these and have no regrets. They are sturdy and comfortable. They easily hold my weight. I’ve spent so much time in this since hanging it up. In fact I’m writing the review sitting in it. I truly honestly just love this thing. If I could give it a 100 star review I would.” – Amazon reviewer

Ohuhu Hanging Hammock Chair Swing

Rather than the typical spreader bar to keep the hammock stretched out wide (and not collapsing into your head and body), this suspended chair has four ropes and a sturdy circular frame.

It includes the round cushion for a bit more bottom comfort and style. It can hold up to 330 lbs and (like many others) all hardware to hang it is included.

“I bought two of these for my front porch and my daughter and I never want to leave them. We eat in them, take naps in them, you name it. They are beautiful, comfortable and fun. I already had the hooks up so it took less than 5 minutes to put two of them up.” – Amazon reviewer

Sunnydaze Victorian Hammock Chair Swing

Same idea here, but this one looks a little more elevated—not in terms of height but style, if you will. This swaying chair holds up to 300 lbs and is ideal for indoors or outdoors with breathable holes in the attached cushioned back and bottom. This is also sold from Target, for any non-Amazoners out there.

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