Two Favorite Hammock Brands Now Offer 100% Recycled Hammocks

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Two of the leading hammock brands are upping the ante on sustainability with the launch of 100% recycled hammocks. Kammok’s Roo Double Recycled is priced at $79 (and includes a lifetime warranty), while ENO’s TechNest single hammock sells for $95.99. 

Kammock Roo Double 100% recycled hammock

Kammok Roo Double Recycled

Kammok, outdoor gear designers based in Austin, TX, now offers its popular Roo Double hammock in 100% recycled bluesign approved fabric for the same price as its traditional Roo Double, $79.

The recycled Roo Double holds up to 500 lbs, making it the strongest recycled hammock on the market. The 10′ hammock is appropriately lightweight, too, clocking in at 17.1 ounces (just .1 ounce more than the traditional Roo Double). It comes with the same lifetime warranty, ensuring it never ends up in a landfill.

The recycled Roo Double fabric is made with pre-consumer waste that would otherwise be discarded as trash. The unused nylon material and scraps are collected before hitting the landfill and ground into chips, melted, and respun into nylon that’s then dyed and turned into fabric. Nylon is a petroleum-based material, which means producing new, raw materials has a high energy cost. Incorporating recycled nylon = reducing the carbon footprint during manufacturing. 

Kammok isn’t stopping at just one recycled hammock design. By spring 2022, the brand promises to also transition its Roo Single and Roo Double XL to the same 100% recycled GravitasX fabric. Kammok officially became Climate Neutral Certified this year and is committed to ensuring less waste and lower greenhouse gas emissions from its manufacturing. 

Kammok recycled Roo Double hammock

ENO TechNest recycled single hammock

ENO, another leading hammock brand, also recently introduced a recycled hammock called the TechNest.

This single hammock is priced at $99.95. It spans 9.5′ feet long and weighs 18 ounces. It holds up to 350 lbs and does not include the same lifetime warranty as the Kammok, though ENO will replace the hammock within two years if there are any manufacturing defects.

ENO’s TechNest hammock uses UltraWave fabric, which is 100% recycled and also bluesign approved. It includes a mesh cargo pocket—larger than what you find in other ENO hammocks—to hold gear and other essentials within arm’s reach.  

ENO 100% recycled TechNest single hammock

As with most hammocks, neither of these new recycled hammocks include straps. Read more about hammock straps and suspension, and shop hammock straps for your hanging kit here

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