Hammock Companies that Give Back

A recent Fortune article discussed the growing trend of consumers being more willing to pay for an eco-friendly product. What’s more, in 2015, sales for “sustainability-committed brands grew four times more than those that didn’t advertise as sustainable.” And that was five years ago.

Today, consumers are even more willing to put their money with their mouth is and support brands they feel are helping the world—whether that’s creating sustainable or organic products, working with local and global charities to impact communities where they operate, or countless other ways to give back to the planet and people.

The outdoor industry is full of environmentally conscious corporations trying to protect and preserve our planet.

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Last month, Patagonia won the Champions of the World award from the United Nations, the organization’s top environmental honor for entrepreneurial vision. Patagonia also opened a second-hand store in Colorado this winter and is taking the concept on the road. Worn Wear started online and is now a pop-up concept to sell used gear IRL, as well as offer repairs on old jackets so customers can get more use out of their clothes. Rumor has it they’ll even repair non-Patagonia items! It’s the exact opposite of what you’d expect from a company in the business of selling (new) clothes.

Founder and Chairman Yvon Chiounard published a book this year called, “Some Stories: Lessons From The Edge Of Business And Sport.” In it, he says:

“Every time I do something good for the planet, my business grows.”

Then of course there’s REI, which famously flipped Black Friday (and, again, the retail business model) on its head in 2015 by closing all of its stores. They paid every employee for the day off and urged them—and everyone—to #OptOutside. For the second year in a row, REI is now promoting a larger Opt to Act plan, which includes a 2020 calendar available to download with different initiatives each week for people to get involved in helping to leave the planet better than they found it. 

Thankfully the list of companies—in the outdoors industry and beyond—that are focused on making a positive difference is long. Limiting this just to hammock brands, here are several that are committed to making the world a better place.

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Lawson Hammock
supports 1% for the Planet foundation, a global network of businesses, nonprofits, and individuals working together for a healthy planet (which Patagonia’s Chouinard helped found). They are also members of Leave No Trace and the Sierra Club, and are committed to carbon free shipping on all of their products.

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Tentsile is another 1% for the Planet supporter, and they plant 20 trees for every tent or hammock sold. So far, they’ve planted more than 612,712 trees! 

ENO is partnered with numerous conservation organizations near and far and portions of proceeds help protect natural resources on land and water. Charities include 1% for the Plant and Trees for the Future.

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Grand Trunks Goods also plants two trees for every double hammock purchased online through the National Forest Foundation’s Trees for US program. They are also partners of Big City Mountaineers, which works to expose underprivileged youth to the power of nature.

Coalatree has several programs in place, including donating its blankets to the homeless community, building and maintaining hiking and biking trails, supporting at-risk youth through a therapy wilderness program, and more.

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Yellow Leaf Hammocks are made in Thailand by local weavers, and the company prides itself on helping to transform these families and communities with the work provided. 

Madera plants two trees for every hammock sold and provides relief to impoverish families in Africa. They also have a dedicated site for consumers to donate toward more trees bring planted.

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