Gear Review: Fjallraven Duffle Bag

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Fjällräven makes some damn fine outdoor clothing and travel gear. It’s stylish, functional, and built to last. And did we mention stylish? 

Founded in Sweden in 1960, the brand’s first product was an aluminum-framed  backpack. Throughout the ’60s, it introduced tents and jackets. Later, pants and its iconic expedition down jacket. Today, the brand is most recognizable for its Kånken backpack, which debuted on the scene in 1978 and has not changed much in the 50 years since. The square packs were designed for children and perfectly hold books and binders. Now you can’t go to an airport, farmer’s market, or a national park without spotting the famous Kånken.

But we’re here to talk about Fjällräven’s travel bags, specifically, the duffle. In general, duffle bags are objectively the best bags on the planet. This isn’t my opinion. It’s a fact. And Fjällräven has perfected the duffle.

Fjällräven Duffle No. 6 – straps

Let’s talk basics. The Fjällräven Duffle No. 6—my favorite—sets itself apart from the pack  (no pun) with backpack straps. That’s right. It has three carrying options: traditional short handles, a longer cross-body single strap, and two mesh-padded shoulder straps to wear it as a backpack. The top of the bag is also padded for added comfort when carrying heavy loads as a backpack. Because it can accommodate heavy loads.

Fjällräven Duffle No. 6 – sizes

The Duffle No. 6 comes in three sizes: small (50 liters), medium, (70 liters), and large (110 liters). I have the small and it’s, well, not all that small. I have actual small duffles that don’t really serve a purpose or get much use. Not the case here.

This duffle bag offers plenty of space when packing for a weekend getaway and can serve as an airplane carry-on. If you want to check it when flying, the handles and shoulder straps can be conveniently tucked away for safe keeping. The heavy-duty zippers also have large metal loops that you can attach a padlock to.

Fjällräven Duffle No. 6 – uses

I typically use it for car travel. It holds as much as my hardshell carry-on suitcase but can be wedged into a backseat, trunk, floorboard, wherever. There are handles on each end to grab it, which helps with maneuvering. It also has a sturdy bottom/back to give the bag form and help keep its shape, but otherwise it’s flexible, and that’s the real beauty of the beloved duffle bag. 

Fjällräven Duffle No. 6 – pockets

Pockets in duffles are clutch with large bags and especially duffle bags, otherwise you’ll be rummaging around for your phone charger or wallet or what have you, and you’ll end up unpacking the whole thing looking for it. The Fjällräven Duffle No. 6 has two zippered interior pockets to keep stuff organized. There’s an easy-access exterior slip pocket, too. 

Fjallraven Duffel No. 6

Other Fjällräven duffles

Fjällräven introduces new products often, so if you’re not able to get your hands on the Duffle No. 6, or simply want to explore other options, there are several other great styles and sizes available:

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