Fit Snack — A Monthly Subscription Service Serving Up Healthy Treats

My box runneth over. Well, darn close.

I recently received two months’ worth of goodies from the lovely ladies behind Fit Snack, the monthly fitness nutrition subscription service that sends subscribers a box chock-full of healthy snacks and treats, along with workout tips and routines to inspire you to get active. Now—more than ever—this is what we need.

The health food industry is a saturated market to say the least. Just look at the dozens of brands in the bar aisle of any Whole Foods. Some companies come and go, and some are here to stay. Some are big, and some are small—or at least they started out that way. Some begin with one product—like a bar—and branch out to a variety of products. They’ve all got their own niche selling point… Some hang their hat on certain superfoods, or carb count, or the fact that their product is made with so few ingredients.

While some may seem gimmicky, these are typically very innovative companies dedicated to offering a healthier alternative to the sugar-filled and preservative-permeated mass-marketed foods we’d otherwise be consuming. Ya know, unless you make your own granola and dry your own fruit.

Unless you’re entrenched in the organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, low-sugar, high-protein, raw, vegan, all-natural food world, it can be a bit overwhelming. With so many brands claiming so many of these things, how do you know where to start? What’s the most important for you and your family? What’s worth the extra money? What will actually taste good? 

Fit Snack takes out all of the guessing work for you, delivering a monthly box of bounty that’s pulled together with the help of the company’s nutritionist. The snacks check most—if not all—of the aforementioned boxes, and include things you might not ever know existed or had the courage or curiosity to try. 

And that’s the fun of having this box arrive in the mail each month. A whole bunch of new brands and products to explore.

What’s in the Fit Snack box?

Each month, subscribers receive a package filled to the brim with about a dozen or so snacks. The following treats were split between the past two boxes I received, to give you a better idea of what may be included. Some were duplicated, and some were only included in one box. Sometimes, two of the same product were included, which means you can share it with someone else in the house or office, or—if you really like it—you get two before you have to buy any. 

  • Ultima Replenisher: Electrolytes (2) — a three-pack sampler of delicious, clean electrolytes without the sugar that supports optimal hydration
  • Professor Nutz: Protein Peanut Butter Spread — the world’s lowest calorie peanut butter with 0 carbs and 7 grams of protein per serving
  • Bprime Health: Immune Booster Express — nutrient-rich power shot to supercharge the immune system
  • SMPL: Beauty Bites — grain-free seed blend of skin-enhancing adaptogens and superfoods to help stimulate natural collagen production
  • Plant Fusion: Chocolate Caramel Meal Replacement (2) — a fusion of plant-based proteins (20g) and key essentials for a nourishing meal
  • Mozaics: Organic Popped Veggie & Potato chips — made with real veggies that you can see, these low-calorie chips are high in fiber and protein
  • Kay’s Naturals: Protein Pass the Peas chips — made from chickpea flour, these vegan, gluten-free chips have 6g of protein, 3g of sugar, and just 115 calories per serving
  • Weeks Honey Farm: Honey Straws (12) — unfiltered, pure, raw honey for a natural sweetener
  • Lesser Evil: Huevos Rancheros Egg White Curls — flavorful grain-free snack made with avocado oil
  • Foods Alive: Chocolate Macaroon Power Snackers — made with chia seeds, flax, walnuts, sunflower, cocoa, and reishi mushroom
  • EKOA: Pure Coconut bars (2) — vegan bar made with pure coconut, dates, and bananas
  • EKOA: Pure Mango bars (2) — vegan bar made with dried mango and dates
  • Swisse Me: Boost Me Pear Smoothie (2) — vegan, no-sugar-added, ready-made smoothie made with peach, apricot, collagen, basil seeds, and magnesium
  • Swisse Me: Boost Me Coffee Smoothie (2) — vegan, no-sugar-added, ready-made smoothie made with apple, banana, yogurt, and oats
  • Swisse Me: Boost Me Ginger Smoothie (2) — vegan, no-sugar-added, ready-made smoothie made with ginger, apple, banana, kiwi, and avocado

Fit Snack also works with jerky and granola brands. Yum.

How the subscription works

You can go month-to-month or save some money and sign up for a longer timeframe by paying upfront. Check out each of the subscription plans for pricing.

Buy one, donate one

What I really love about Fit Snack is that for every box purchased, they donate one to kids in need. They’re currently donating about a thousand boxes each month. 

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