The Best Cat Hammocks

The best cat hammock is the one your feline friend will love and use often. But, there are several different types to consider.

It’s no secret cats like to sleep in cozy little nooks all over the house. They prefer small spaces, sun-drenched spaces, hidden spaces, high up spaces—anywhere they feel safe and can watch guard over their surroundings in between long naps and grooming sessions. Watching the world go by through the window is a favorite pastime for indoor cats. Birds, squirrels, dogs—oh my!

Cat hammocks have gained popularity in recent years right alongside hammocks for humans. There are several types of hammocks made specifically for our felines friends, which we’ll dive into here, including:

  • Cat hammocks with stands
  • Hanging cat hammocks
  • Window cat hammocks
  • Cat hammock shelves
  • Wall cat hammocks
  • Wooden cat hammocks 

It’s hard to say which type your cat will love the most, but each of these hammocks is highly rated in its own right. We look at the best cat hammocks within each type, breaking down the pros and cons of each to help you decide based on your space at home, budget, and the size of your kitty/kitties.

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Cat hammocks with stands

If you don’t want to invest in a full cat tower, cat condo, cat tree, or whatever other clever names they may go by, these simple stands may be just the answer. They have the beloved hammock, and several types have the invaluable scratching posts. 

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree

This mini cat tree is more than just a hammock. The scratching posts and arched bristles keeps your cat looking and feeling his/her best. They will love rubbing on the brush for a little self-combing session, and one can never have too many scratching posts to keep the kitties away from the couch and curtains. 

Trixie Baza Cat Tree with Hammock

This is one of the best selling cat hammocks in this style on Amazon, and for good reason. With a dangling ball for playtime and two scratching posts, this hammock has a metal rim for added support and fits cats of all sizes safely and comfortably.

Kitty City Claw Cat Furniture

If you have more than one kitty at home, this bunk bed style has a hammock on top and a cozy bed down below. The durable fleece will withstand wear and tear, and the modular design allows you to expand with other Kitty City Claw furniture pieces. 

AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

Available in traditional beige or groovy grey, this is another beloved cat hammock with a 4.7 star rating from more than 5,000 reviews. The jute scratching posts and dangling toy will surely come in handy, before your furry friend fixates on the hammock and logs some serious snooze time. 

Hanging cat hammocks

Hanging cat hammocks are intended to go inside cages or be attached to chairs. Cats who spend time in cages will love you for this added comfort. Under chairs, they give kitties somewhere hidden to seek solace. 

RivenAn Hanging Cat Hammock

I mean, look at this guy! Or gal. This hammock comes in three colors—black, blue, and pink. Easily clip the straps to a cage to create a cozy resting place for your kitty, or use the included adjustable straps to attach it to hang underneath most chairs. The material is a waterproof nylon and easily washable by hand or in a washing machine (with a bag to protect the hooks). This product is rated to support up to 16.5 lbs.

POPETPOP Cat Hammock

What’s better than one cat hammock? That’s right. Two! This double decker hammock will keep your cat entertained (that top tier is the perfect vantage point to swipe enemies below) and restful afterward, with soft, plush material creating two sleeping nooks with a top and bottom cradle. The oxford cloth is waterproof and easily cleaned. A perfect space saver, this cat hammock can be installed in a cage or under a chair with an adjustable lanyard to get just the right height. Several Amazon reviews mention that their two cats sometimes end up snuggling on the top bunk, aww. And, it’s strong and durable, so great for bigger kitties! 

Window cat hammocks

While it may seem sketchy or even dangerous to let your cat sit suspended from the window with only a handful of suction cups keeping her safely afloat, it’s actually quite secure. The suction cups in these top-rated products are strong and attach well to clean surfaces if hung correctly. 

To hang the suction cups, clean the window, mirror, or other non-porous surface you plan to hang the hammock. You can use denatured alcohol. The cups will not secure as well to a dirty surface. Also make sure the suction cup is clean and free of debris before adhering it to the window. To wash, use warm water with a mild soap and dry it with a link-free cloth. To create an even stronger suction, dab a little cooking oil or Vaseline in the rim of the suction cup. When you are ready, gently push the entire cup all the way down against in the window. Remove any air that may be inside, so it lies flat against the surface. Voila—you should have a very secure suction and now, hammock!

Check the suction cups daily to make sure they’re still strongly secured. After extensive use, replace the suction cups. If you really want to spoil your kitty, install a bird feeder outside the window. It’ll soon be her favorite place to sit and watch the wonders. 

Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch

This window hammock is sold in five different sizes to fit any window space, as well as replacement suction cups. The hammock can be hung from windows or mirrors and other non-porous surfaces—indoors or outdoors with no tools required. The USA patented oversized cups are super strong, as is the 3/4″ PVC pipe and 1/8″ steel support cables. The mesh is tough and will stand up to use, while being easy to clean with soap and water. The product is approved by the Humane Society. There are even photos of two cats enjoying this hammock at the same time, so don’t worry about safety and just make sure you check that the cups are secure and replace them when it’s time.

Selify Cat Window Hammock

This suction cup cat hammock can hold up to 60 lbs and comes with a machine-washable fleece cushion for your kitty’s added comfort. Very similar to the above model, the large suction cups are safe and secure if set up correctly. Your cat will love the opportunity to be comfortably situated right next to the window to watch the squirrels and birds and sunbathe to his heart’s content!

LSAIFATER Lower Support Cat Window Perch

Unlike the previous two models, this suction cup window hammock attaches from the bottom, allowing your cat to more easily jump in and out and less obstructing your own view out of the window. Made of iron and steel, this cat hammock is rated to hold up to 50 lbs. The metal rods supporting from below seem to give this hammock a sense of added security. When you need to close your blinds, simply remove the support rods and the hammock lies flush with the window. The removable fabric mat is machine washable and quick drying. It is a strong material that doesn’t sag over time. 

K&H Pet Products EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill

This awesome window hammock comes in a single or double layer, giving your kitty even more options for bird watching and squirrel spying. The top level has a small hole for your kitty to jump up and down, but is mostly a flat surface for her to perch. This window sill stack can hold up to 100 lbs, so two cats can easily tag team top and bottom. It’s foldable to allow the blinds t close, and the removable cover is machine washable. 

K&H Pet Products Universal Mount Kitty Sill

For any kitties who love to burrow in and hide, this is the cat hammock for you. This design has a built-in hood that offers a bit of extra privacy and allows your cat to feel safe and secure while watching the wildlife outside, and gives her a cozy backdrop to snuggle up against when it’s time to nap. This perch has an oval design an orthopedic foam base. The removable cover is machine washable. This design is rated to hold more than 60 lbs with its adjustable snap-in legs.

Cat shelf hammocks

So “technically” speaking, calling these “hammocks” may be a bitch of stretch. BUT, if after looking at the above hammocks you’re like, “No way will my lil Mittons be safe in a floating window hammock!” (or maybe you’re just concerned about putting pressure on the glass), perhaps a cat window sill or shelf is more your style.

K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill Cat Window

This plush, palatial pad is ultra soft. The orthopedic foam has a washable faux-lambskin cover that’s easy to remove and clean. It requires no tools to set up (your landlord will appreciate that!), though it comes with screws if you want to fasten it in place for a more sturdy lounge experience. It can hold up to 40 lbs and is large enough to accommodate slightly ::ahem:: larger cats. You can easily open and close the window with the perch in place. If you live in a cold climate and are concerned about the cool air coming in off the window in winter, it’s also available in a heated version. Wow, spoiled kitty! 

Art of Paws Cat Shelf

This is purrrrhaps our favorite… Oh, isn’t she elegant? This carved wood shelf has a lovely curved design that isn’t an eyesore, and it can be hung anywhere you please. It holds up to 33 lbs, accommodating even those big-boned kitties. All tools to hang the shelf are included, though some reviews say it is more secure using spiral drywall anchors. For added peace of mind and wall protection, try to find a stud, though it’s not mandatory. It also has three-year guarantee. If you really want to spoil Mittens, get more than one and let her jump from perch to perch. It comes with two covers, including a soft wool for your kitty to leisurely lounge and a fiber-type cover for scratching. Both can be easily removed, swapped out, and washed. If you don’t have space for a cat tower and want something that’s sleek and blends in naturally with your decor, this is your best bet.

CatastrophiCreations Fabric Raceway Hammock Lounger Wall-Mounted Cat Shelving

Your hour is your cat’s domain, let’s be honest. This floating cat shelf will reinforce that point, letting Mittens climb her way up to her perch, where she can overlook her entire kingdom. It’s available in seven color combinations to match any decor. Rated to hold up to 62 lbs, this cat shelf is meant to be installed into secure studs. The modular design lets you customize a play space, hanging other shelves, feeders, bridges, and scratching poles for the ultimate kitty obstacle course—perfect for multiple cats. Did someone say elevated dining? The options are limitless, and you can add on in time. The high-quality thick canvas fabric is entirely removable for easy washing. While a little more expensive than some other options, this brand is premium quality, and your cat will thank you for investing in the modular design that you can build on.

Wood stand cat hammocks

These small wooden hammocks are the perfect little bed for cats if you can’t or don’t want to attach anything to the wall. Or, older cats who can’t jump and climb as well. And they’re entirely portable, so easy to move from room to room or take it on the go. These are also great for indoors or outdoors. 

CATONEER Сat Hammock

This folding hammock stand is lightweight and easy to disassemble and clean (machine washable). Perfect for cats (or pups) who like to be close to the ground, it’s sturdy and easy to get in and out of. The wood frame requires no tools and can be set up in a matter of seconds. It’s perfect for bigger kitties and smaller dogs. Fat cat approved!

Primetime Petz Pet Lounge

This sleek wood hammock comes with a reversible cover that attached with sturdy, adjustable clips and can be easily removed and cleaned in the washer and dryer. The non-stop pads on the bottom keep the stand in place and protects against sliding and scratching the floor. Quick assembly and portable so your furry friend can follow you from room to room in the comfort of her cozy hammock bed. It’s also large enough for two BFFs to cuddle in together. If you have a small dog, chances are he’ll also be vying for use. Add their favorite blanket, and bid them goodnight.

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