The Best Camping Blankets

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A versatile camping blanket comes in handy in so many life adventures. I always keep one in my trunk and have used it countless times for impromptu picnics, beach days, and hikes. It’s an important piece of gear for outdoor concerts and tailgating. It also comes along to music festivals, on road trips, and on airplanes to use either as a blanket or packed up as a pillow.

Not all “camping blankets” are created equal. Some are more lightweight (which you might appreciate when tossing it in your daypack to bring along on a hike). Some are made of down or wool to keep you extra warm and cozy. Some (a lot) have snaps along the edges so you can fasten more than one together and use them as a light sleeping bag. And some even have hoods and can be worn as capes to keep you warm on the go.

Below is a list of the best camping blankets no matter what you’re looking for or how you intend to use it. Note: pricing may vary but is current at the time of publishing.

The best camping blankets

Best wool camping blanket

Pendleton – Yakima Camp Blanket ($169.00)

No one does wool for the wilderness (and life in general) better than Pendleton. There’s a reason they’ve been in business since 1863 and dominate the “shacket” (shirt + jacket) category. Their popular Yakima blanket comes in two sizes (twin and queen) and is available in five colors. The natural blend (86% virgin wool, 14% cotton) is smooth and plush, giving you a smooth, non-itchy feel, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Twin: 84×66 inches
Queen: 90×90 inches
Care: dry clean only

Best fleece camping blanket

Voited – Fleece Outdoor Camping Blanket ($124.90)

Voited makes several great blankets you’ll see on this list, and this fleece brings together high-quality technical features and the ultimate comfort for cooler temps: fleece. It’s made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It is both insulated inside and water resistant on the outside. It comes in four color patterns. Like many other blankets, it transforms into a pillow when put in its stuff sack, folds into a sleep sack, and snaps together to become a wearable waterproof cape.

80×54 inches
43 oz
Care: machine washable

Best down camping blanket

Therm-a-Rest – Ramble Down Blanket ($329.95)

This is one of the largest and most luxurious camping blankets on the market. It’s made with 650-fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down material, and if there’s one thing Term-a-Rest does well, it’s keep you warm. They are makers of some of the best sleeping bags out there, so look no further if you’re seeking a truly warm camping blanket. It’s the size of a queen mattress, so it’s perfect for two people, and the quilted design adds a nice touch for a comfy-cozy night’s sleep.

88×88 inches (and 3″ thick)
46 oz
Storage sack included

Best camping blanket for cold temps

Sea to Summit – Tanami Down Camping Comforter ($349.00)

This queen-sized down comforter (for two people) keeps you warm in all the right ways, and not just by using the person’s body heat next to you. It’s rated down to 35 degrees F (there’s also an option for 50 degrees), and is insulated with 750+ fill-power, ultra-dry, high-loft down. It is treated with a PFC-free durable water repellent (DWR) finish to help repel liquids, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. It also includes a drawcord at the base that helps fit the oversized quilt to a mattress. So for any car campers out there sleeping on an air mattress, this one’s for you.

82×80 inches (and 3″ thick)
42.2 oz
Storage cube included

Best lightweight camping blanket

Therm-a-Rest – Juno Blanket ($69.95)

The Juno Blanket uses Therm-a-Rest’s proprietary synthetic insulation—a lightweight, warm, and packable eraLoft insulation—that uses hollow fibers to trap air and boost warmth without added weight. A soft-touch, brushed polyester lining keeps things comfy from the inside. On the outside, a 30-denier DWR-treated polyester fabric allows the blanket to easily shed water, dirt, and sand—and allows for quick drying. Like many others, it also includes snaps along the edges so you can fasten it around your shoulders and wear it as a cape. As the lightest, it is also the smallest technical blanket from Therm-a-Rest and packs down into a pocket.

72×45 inches
13.5 oz
Care: machine washable

Best waterproof camping blanket

Yeti – Lowlands Blanket ($200.00)

A blanket that comes with its own carrying bag. Yeti would. This one comes in six colors and best of all, you can get it delivered in two days from good ol’ Amazon. The HydroBarrier waterproof layer on the exterior not only protects against liquids, but this blanket is designed with pups in mind and will naturally repel hair, as well as dirt and grime. The inside is padded and insulated, so go ahead and lay it across the backseat and let your dog(s) luxuriate all over it. When it’s time, throw it in the washing machine and dryer just like anything else. It also comes with six utility loops so you can stake it down or hang it up to block sun and create some shade back at camp.

78×55 inches
5.8 lbs
Care: machine washable, dryer on low heat

Best eco-friendly camping blanket

Voited – Recycled Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket ($99.90)

This blanket is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles so you can feel good about the purchase. And that’s not all it has going for it. It comes in 15+ colors and patterns and provides warmth in temps to somewhere around 55 degrees F. They call it a 4-in-1 PillowBlanket, meaning it can serve as a blanket, pillow, sleep stack, and waterproof cape. It’s “three-layer sandwich construction” includes a 3D featherlight fiber and a breathable yet warm micro-thermal fill insulation.

80×54 inches
38.8 oz
Care: machine washable

Best blanket for traveling

Coalatree – Kachula Adventure Blanket ($87.00)

They don’t call this the “Swiss Army knife of blankets” for nothing. It comes with a detachable water-resistant hood that snaps on and off quickly so the blanket can be used as an emergency poncho should weather change. When you’re not using the hood, there’s a secret zippered pocket to store it in. This stuff sack also holds the entire blanket inside so you can use it as a pillow. And the surrounding snaps along the edges of the blanket allow you to attach multiple together, creating a big, huge blanket for all your buddies. And, it comes in 15+ colors and patterns, so there’s something for everyone. It’s made with 100% soft brushed nylon flannel along the top and a durable ripstop nylon along the bottom—both made from 100% recycled materials. Both sides are coated with an eco-friendly DWR finish so liquids repel right off.

For more, check out our full review of this awesome adventure blanket.

50×72 inches
25 oz
Care: spot clean as needed. Wash in a front-loading machine with gentle detergent. Hang dry.

Best picnic / beach blanket

Nomadix – Festival Blanket ($69.95)

Available in three color patterns, this blanket is great for everyday outdoor (or indoor) adventures. The fabric is made from post-consumer recycled plastic that can withstand the heartiest treatment and machine washing. It’s lightweight and packs down small so it’s easy to toss into a daypack for a hike or alongside a picnic basket. It’s also slip resistant so you can even take it to yoga in the park and practice your down dogs.

72×60 inches
32 oz
Care: machine washable

Best camping blanket for two people

Therm-a-Rest – Argo Blanket ($74.96)

This is the same style and make as the Juno (winner of the best lightweight blanket above), but it’s big enough for two people. It also includes a draw cord around the bottom so you can pull it tight around your feet to reduce drafts and keep all that cozy heat close by.

78×72 inches
16 oz

Best camping blanket for kids

Voited – Mini Traveler Indoor Outdoor Camping Blanket ($79.90)

This lightweight blanket is breathable, insulated, and water repellent with a Teflon EcoElite Coating. The 3D synthetic featherlike fiber insulation is made out of 100% yarn for a warm micro-thermal fill insulation. It’s easy to clean and comes in two patterns. With a packable pouch included, it bunches up into a perfect little pillow. And you can snap a second blanket to it, creating a double sleeping bag, or snap into a cape and let the little ones wear it like the superhero they are.

70×50 inches
33.15 oz
Care: machine washable

Best blanket for hammock camping

ENO – Ember Hammock Underquilt ($119.95)

This hammock-shaped underquilt is perfect for keeping cozy while hammock camping or just hanging out with friends around the fire pit. It’s made with two layers of synthetic insulation that helps trap the heat double-time. It’s rated down to 40-60 degrees F when paired with a comparable top quilt, which can easily be a sleeping bag. The great thing about hammock underquilts is that they are fitted to be snug around the bottom of your hammock (with a fully adjustable suspension system), so you can move freely inside and it doesn’t get tangled or shifted out of place. This setup is compatible with all ENO hammocks and will also work with most other similar styles. It comfortably fits users up to 6’2” tall.

Best poncho / blanket

Poler – Poncho ($69.73)

This fully reversible poncho doubles as a blanket with simple snaps along the perimeter. It’s made with durable ripstop nylon on the outside and has authentic insulation to keep you warm and cozy—whether it’s a blanket or wearable piece of clothing. It also has a kangaroo pocket in the front to keep your hands warm with two snap pockets to hold your belongings. With the provided stuff sack, you can easily pack it up and use it as a pillow.

Like the poncho style? Read our review of the popular Honcho Poncho. It didn’t make this list because it doesn’t unsnap into a blanket, but it’s hands down one of my favorite pieces of clothing.

Best / coolest blanket designs

Rumpl – Original Puffy Blanket (National Park Edition) ($129.00)

Made from 100% recycled materials, this could also be a contender for the most eco-friendly outdoor blanket. But, the designs put it in a category of its own. Rumpl’s popular puffy blanket now comes in seven different designs that pay homage to your favorite national parks, including Denali, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, Great Smoky, Olympic, and Zion. The blankets are weather resistant and made with a 30-denier ripstop polyester shell with a DWR coating that helps wick away liquids, dirt, odors, strains, and pet hair. The blanket itself is made with the same synthetic insulating fabrics and fibers as sleeping bags and puffy jackets. There are also corner loops to anchor it to the ground on windy days.

75×52 inches
Care: front-loading washing machines and dyer-friendly

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