Gear Review: KEEN Terradora Waterproof Women’s Boot

KEEN’s first hiking boot made purposefully for women was the Terradora, which debuted in 2016. The line now spans 10 different styles. The Terradora collection offers low and mid-level ankle support, as well as taller boots. There are both waterproof hiking books and lighter-weight trail shoes. Terradora also extends to kids, with “big” and “little” kids’ waterproof boots and hiking shoes. 

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KEEN Terradora Boot review

I recently went out to test KEEN’s Terradora waterproof lace up boot. It was a sunny winter day, and I was curious to see how the shoe would handle some light trekking through fresh snow and walking on icy pavement—perhaps the most dangerous winter sport.

The boot is rated down to a whopping -25°F. While I’m sure I’ll get a chance to really put it to the test this winter, it was pleasantly in the mid 30’s on our first outing together.

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Sockless winter boots FTW

I was initially interested in this particular winter boot because they don’t necessarily require socks. You see, I’m from Florida and lived in LA for 10 of my adult years. My preferred footwear is always flip flops, and I’m barefoot as often as possible—even in the winter.

I feel it’s important to note that I often resort to Uggs in colder weather not because of how they look (duh) but because they’re comfortable with bare feet and keep you cozy and warm. The downfall—aside from how they look, I know—is that there is next to no traction. I’ve narrowly face planted more times than I’ll admit coming out of yoga on an icy or snow-packed parking lot. Not to mention they are nowhere near waterproof. So basically they’re made for Californians, and it’s time for me to get real.

Lightweight yet durable everyday winter boot

The Terradora is waterproof with a sturdy sole for traction. It had no problem protecting against both wet and cold conditions, with enough tread to properly grip the ground. YET, it’s also a flexible and surprisingly lightweight shoe. It really does fit like a sneaker (a super high top?) with its breathable upper membrane.

I trekked through snow 6″ deep at some points, slightly concerned it might penetrate the boot or seep into the sides. It did not. The shoe held up even when mostly submerged. 

Who’s the Terradora for?

It seems to be an ideal option for low-key winter activities like walking around the park or taking the dog for a stroll around the neighborhood. It’s perfect when you don’t need a full-on winter snow boo—that’ll make you break out in a sweat just getting them on and off—yet you still want a study shoe with solid traction and substantial insulation. It really is the perfect middle ground. The best of both worlds. Win-win. Two birds, one shoe…

Traction technicalities

The outer sole is made with 4mm multi-directional lugs for traction. I found it to be great for the icy pavement and snowy trail, even in the messy slushier and super slick parts.

The fit

Because it’s made with women in mind, the Terradorra collection fits a little more narrow than other KEEN shoes. I also own the KEEN Targhee hiking shoes, which are definitely a wider shoe, though fit me well and don’t feel too roomy. These also fit perfectly width-wise and aren’t too narrow. 

I’m an 8.5 and this boot fits true to size. Despite being attracted to it for its barefoot benefits, I did wear a pair of thin average, everyday socks out on our snowy adventure. There was space to add a thicker, warmer sock, if needed. Ya know, for those -25°F days.

With the lace-up style, you can make them as tight or loose as you want. Going for a more proper winter hike? Lace those puppies up real good. Running in and out of yoga? It’s nice to be able to easily slip on and off sans socks.

The final verdict

Very impressed. These will be a staple this winter. 

I really appreciate the thin and movable yet durable and substantial sole. Overall, the shoe is flexible and lightweight while also offering a level of protection and great quality materials, from the bottom to the upper.

In short: it is a proper snow boot that doesn’t make you feel like you’re bogged down by a proper snow boot.

Other Terradora styles

The Terradora waterproof winter boot collection also extends to an ankle height, similar to the taller boot in terms of sole/traction and insulation/temperature rating. There is also a pull on version of the taller lace up boot. 

The other Terradora styles fall more squarely into the hiking boot category—not specifically for winter—with both waterproof and non options. The Women’s Terradora Waterproof Mid is the best seller, along with the lower version of the same hiking shoe. The Terradora Ethos is even more lightweight and breathable with side cut outs and all-terrain versatility, ideal for warmer weather.

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