Gear Review: Hummingbird Hammocks

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Hummingbird Hammocks is known for making one of the lightest and most compact (when packed down) hammocks on the market. They’re ideal for backpackers looking for lightweight tent alternatives (without sacrificing comfort), but they’re not limited to just hardcore outdoorsman. Not only will this hammock provide a comfy all-night sleeping option, it’s easy to toss in your daypack and bring along on hikes for extra moments of sweet, sweet pampering in the wilderness.

I take a hammock with me almost everywhere. In minutes, I can be lounging suspended from the air while hiking buddies “relax” on uncomfortable rocks or fallen logs. When camping, I’ll rig a few hammocks and before you know it, the camp chairs are left abandoned by the fire pit.

Hummingbird is a great option for daytime use or overnight sleeping. Here’s what sets them apart from the rest.

Hummingbird Hammocks basics

  • Hummingbird Hammocks are made in the great US of A. They are a family-owned business sewing high-quality hammocks from Alamo, TN. If any products are sold out, that’s why. Be patient. They also plant two trees for every order placed.
  • They offer a lifetime guarantee. We love a company that’s willing to put their money (ahem, your money) where their mouth is. If the hammock doesn’t perform to your satisfaction for any reason, contact them anytime for a repair, replacement, or refund.
  • Slightly different strap and suspension. Hummingbird Hammocks have built-in button links that connect to the hammock straps, so there’s no need for carabiners, which saves some precious ounces for those watching their pack weight.
  • Other features: Like most hammocks, there’s a sewn-in stuff sack, double lock stitching along the seams at each end, and it’s made from parachute nylon, meaning it’s very hard to rip, tear, or fall through this hammock. And, it’ll last ya.


This is what truly differentiates Hummingbird Hammocks from most other brands out there. These pack down smaller than most (according to them, about 30% smaller than other hammocks) and, therefore, are so easy to toss into a bag or even a fanny pack and take with you anywhere.

Not only do they pack down real tiny, they also weigh hardly anything. For reference, the Hummingbird single hammock weighs 5.2 oz, compared to the popular single hammock by ENO, which clocks in at 16 oz.

Hummingbird Hammocks tree straps

The suspension system is another major differentiator for this brand. Hummingbird makes hammock straps using mostly a thin—but strong—rope, as opposed to most other brands’ quite thicker tree straps. Weighing in at just 1.55 oz (compared to Kammok’s 3.2 oz and ENO’s 9 oz), these straps will save you pretty considerable weight as far as ounces go. And they’re just as sturdy.

How do they do it? Well, the majority of the strap is a very thin rope. You don’t want to wrap this around a tree trunk, as it will apply too much pressure in a concentrated area, cutting into the bark and damaging our tree friends. Hummingbird straps also include a 1” tree-safe webbing that disperses the weight of the hammock and makes for safe hanging.

Unlike many other hammock tree straps, Hummingbird’s technology uses a “whoopie sling” system that mimics the Chinese Finger Trap. When pressure is applies (i.e. when you sit in the hammock), tension locks the strap in place. Adjusting the straps is easy, ensuring a perfect hanging height and angle.

What’s included?

What’s included when you buy a hammock differs from brand to brand. Some include straps, and some don’t. The Hummingbird Hammock kit include:

  • Hammock
  • Attached stuff sack
  • Attached button link carabiners
  • Sticker

Note: tree straps are NOT included.


Hummingbird Hammocks are available in 6 colors: Sunset Orange, Grass Green, Skydiver Blue, Slate Gray, Deep Purple, Forest Green. You won’t find any crazy prints here. Hummingbird focuses on technical aspects and leaves the aesthetic appeal to other hammock brands.

Hummingbird Hammocks accessories

Hummingbird makes a range of great accessories to amplify your hammock setup, including:

Warbler Bug Net

At just 8 oz, the removable Warbler Bug Net wraps completely around the hammock, keeping all the critters outside where they belong. It can also be used with the rain tarp for all your protection needs.

Pelican Rain Tarp

While the hammock fabric will shed light rain and water naturally, if you’re in danger of getting rained on, a tarp is the way to go. Rain tarps are great for not only protecting against rain, but they’ll also help contain heat inside your hammock, which can come in handy if you’re sleeping in cooler temps. The Pelican Rain Tarp weighs just 12.8 oz and has door flaps on both ends for convenience coming and going.

Puffin Underquilt

Underquilts are essential for cold-weather hammocking. Built to seamlessly fit the underbelly of the hammock, these blankets provide that essential backside coverage that you’d typically rely on a sleeping pad to do—without worrying about tossing and turning and having your underquilt become just another top quilt. Hummingbird’s Puffin Underquilt is 27.5 oz and rated to 30 degrees F.

Types of Hummingbird Hammocks

 If you’re curious how this stacks up to other brands’ options, we have a chart for that, too.

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