Backpacking Checklist

This backpacking list takes an in-depth look at all the essential gear needed, as well as some common optional items for a safe and comfortable backpacking trip.

How to Take Care of Your Tent So it Lasts

Cleaning a tent regularly is important, but keeping it in top-top shape while you use it and how you store it at home can also prevent damage and ensure a longer lifespan. There are a few essential things you should know about caring for your new tent.

How to Clean a Tent

Outdoor gear is an investment. One that should last a while. The better you care for your gear, the more years you’ll get out of it. High quality gear that’s treated well and properly cleaned and maintained can turn into a lifelong companion.

How (and Where) to Store a Tent

Properly storing a tent will prolong its life expectancy. There are a few things you should know before tossing your tent in the garage for next camping season.