Gear Review: MalloMe XL Straps

MalloMe, a family-owned outfitters company, recently reached out and offered to send me a pair of their XL straps. I happily accepted because I love trying new hammock products and supporting smaller companies that you may not have heard of yet.

And, also because nothing’s worse than not being able to hang your hammock because the only trees available are too far apart. I overcame this issue when I started carrying two sets of straps on hikes and everywhere I go.

Well, I can now say: longer straps are the way to go.

Extra long MalloMe hammock straps put to good use

I was very pleased with the MalloMe extra long straps. They’re the same great quality that a few other hammock purveyors use, but longer! These straps clock in at 12 feet (with 20 loops) each, which is a whole 2 feet longer than any other straps I own.

I just checked some competitors’ websites, and while MalloMe isn’t the only company selling 12-foot (or longer) straps, they do seem to be the best priced if you sign up for their VIP club and use the 70% discount they’re offering.

The straps are currently on sale for $54.99 (before the discount).

Product specs

  • Size: 12′ x 1″ (each)
  • Weight: 16oz (including bag and carabiners)
  • Weight Capacity: 700 lbs
  • Price: $54.99