All Things Hammocks: The Panama Banana Chair

Here at HammockLiving, our goal is be your one-stop shop for all things hammocks, and that includes bringing you the latest updates from the wild and wacky world of hammock products.

This particularly awesome hammock chair not only lives up to its name (lots of non-hammocky things call themselves hammocks), but it also looks comfy AF. 

I spotted this product on Design Milk, one of my favorite design blogs. The chair, made with pretty pink fabric, is called a Panama Banana and is marketed as a hammock chair AND football/soccer goal, depending on how you position it. Um, yes please. We love dual purpose designs!

Designer Agota Rimsaite also calls it perfect for active relaxation, which is basically my life’s dream. And also basically the HammockLiving tagline: adventures in extreme relaxation.

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