All Things Hammocks: A Metal Mount for Your Car

There’s no shortage of hammock-cessories these days helping you to ‘mock just about anywhere—trees or no trees. Insert the McLean Metalworks Hammock Mount, “designed to bring the convenience of hammocking to you and your vehicle at any location.”

While I haven’t tried it out personally—yet—the company behind this American-made product claims the mount is easy to use and can be setup in less than one minute. I’m not so sure about that, but even if it’s less than five or three minutes, I’m impressed. All you need is a standard trailer hitch… and a hammock.

The device is made of high-strength steel and can hold up to 300 lbs. It is designed for hammocks up to 114” long, which means it’ll fit most double hammocks. The mount itself is 40 lbs.

The self-contained device has collapsable arms that securely lock into the frame for safe transport and easily deploy with quick-release pins. One deployed, the telescoping arms extend smoothly to lock into place, and the hammock simply attaches to the arms with carabiners.

If you love a road trip or car camping but can’t be bothered to pitch a tent, this could be a nice option. The mount sells for $399. There is a similar mount with an extension, hanging you a little further from the car, for $439. And, if you’ve got an extra long hammock or just want more length, arm extensions are available for $49.99. The company also sells another accessory that attaches the mount to your vehicle’s tire, offering even more mobile setup options from the side of the car. That attachment sells for $149. You can browse all the mounts and accessories here.

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