A Gear Subscription Box That’s Worth its Weight in Gold

There’s no shortage of monthly subscription boxes for outdoor lovers. I’ve read about a dozen and recently had the opportunity to try out The Nomadik. A few very important things to know before we get into the contents:

  1. The May box has a Lawson Hammock in it! I own one of these camping hammocks and you are going to want to get in on this based on this fact alone.

  2. If you do sign up, use the code HAMMOCKLIVING to get 15% off your first order. Click here to subscribe.

  3. We’re doing a giveaway for the May box, so there is a chance you can win it for free. Click here to enter. THREE winners will be chosen on May 31 and notified by The Nomadik team.

How does the subscription work?

It’s a very simple idea: sign up and sit back and wait for your shipment of quality outdoor products to arrive in the mail each month. When you subscribe, you’ll fill out a profile that they use to customize your boxes all based on your interests. Each box has at least $50 and up to $70 worth of goodies, but you pay just $29.99 if you pay for a year in advance. If you go monthly, it’s only slightly more at $32.95, so not a bad choice. That includes shipping.

Items can include gear and tools (hammocks, dry bags, multitools, carabiners, etc.), fuel (water bottles, camp cups, hydration mixes, snacks), accessories (headlamps, portable lights, speakers) , and organization tools (dry sacks, utility pouches, compression socks, backpacks) and more.

What’s inside the Nomadik box?

Now, back to the box I received. Here’s what’s inside (and I’m including links if you want to buy anything online):

  • EcoXGear Charge – Who doesn’t need more charging devices? I definitely do. This portable charger is also waterproof and shock proof. Retails for $19.99.

  • The Conester – Apparently the world’s strongest cup holder that’s guaranteed to prevent spills. It has a sticky bottom and can be attached and reattached to different surfaces. Retails for $9.95.

  • Kammok Reusable Tote – I repeat, who doesn’t need more reusable bags? Kammock makes hammocks, and while I do have their straps I’ve NEVER sat in one of their hammocks (shocking and sad). This bag is make from up-cycled and leftover hammock material. It’s collapsable and folds into its own zippered pocket. Very handy. Retails for $9.00.

  • UCO Fire Starting Kit – This stormproof match kit contains 12 hurricane matches, sugarcane fire starters and a match case with three replaceable strikers. It’s lightweight, rainproof, snow-proof, and windproof. The matches burn up to 15 seconds. In case you didn’t know, this is one of the 10 essentials, so better get on it if you don’t already have this in your arsenal (I didn’t, shhh). Retails for $8.69.

  • Skratch Labs Original Energy Bar – I will eat this and update the post, but for now you should know these bars are made with 50% less sugar than traditional energy bars and it’s non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and kosher. Retails for $2.65.

If you’re following along, we’re at a grand total value of $50.28. That’s a pretty good deal if you pay close to $30, and I am confident that I will put every one of these items to use. Besides, the fun factor of getting a big ol’ box of outdoor gear each month? Well, that’s practically priceless.

Subscribe and save 15%

If you already know you want to subscribe and save 15%, click here and use the discount code HAMMOCKLIVING.

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